In casino revenues, a battle over Maine slot dominance

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The latest revenue figures from Maine’s two casinos show the gaming pie keeps getting bigger, up another 2 percent after growing at less than 1 percent in 2014. Hollywood Casino’s net revenue was down slightly in 2015 as Oxford Casino’s rose again, up to $76.6 million. As other casinos try to enter the market in Maine, the current operators have raised concern […]

See Maine’s worsening drug overdose problem

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The rate of drug overdose deaths in Maine is getting worse along with the rest of the country, driven by addiction to opioids such as prescription painkillers and heroin. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control released an analysis of that data Tuesday, as the Maine Legislature and governor on Tuesday approved funding new investigators at the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and giving more money […]

Snowfall counter: Patten takes lead with 18 inches of new snow

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The Penobscot County town of Patten overtook Amity — the snowfall leader as of Wednesday morning — for recorded snowfall during the storm from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. Patten got 18 inches of new snow. Take a look below at snowfall totals by weather station for the storm started Tuesday night. Maine had the highest average reported snowfall across all stations reporting […]

Maine had more Powerball tickets than people on Saturday

MACHIAS, Maine -- 1-11-16 -- An animated video screen advertises the record Powerball jackpot at Tom's Mini Mart in Machias. Johanna S. Billings|BDN

With a $948 million jackpot (before applicable taxes) on the line, people in Maine bought more than one Powerball ticket per resident Saturday. Sound like a lot? Well, other states were far ahead. And there’s now a $1.4 billion jackpot on the horizon for Wednesday. Maine ranked 38th for per-capita Powerball ticket sales, according to sales figures compiled […]

Snowfall counter: Southern Maine puts points on the board

The storm Tuesday made sure all of Maine didn’t go without a sizable reminder that winter still happens. As the storm moves northward, the first snowfall totals for much of the southern half of the state came through weather stations in the region. The map below shows the latest 24-hour snowfall totals reported out of weather stations around the state. The reports are most current for […]

If you’re not reading this, you may be out buying gift cards

BANGOR, MAINE -- 11/28/2014 -- Shoppers rush inside to get deals at Target in Bangor on Friday during Black Friday shopping. Ashley L. Conti | BDN

The Portland-based digital gift card processor CashStar said its annual survey of online shoppers revealed most gift cards are likely to fly out the door as close to the Christmas holiday as humanly possible. That appears to be true for at least one of the Portland company’s corporate clients: Starbucks. On Tuesday, Starbucks said it’s expecting to […]