Not only is Maine aging, we’re now losing 20-somethings, too

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The census estimate of Mainers in their 20s dropped last year for the first time since 2010 as the ranks of the retirement-aged continued to grow. The latest detailed population estimates from the Census Bureau provide a look at the estimated population by single-year ages, up to 84 years. I’ve put those ages into larger groups below. The latest figures show dynamics behind the […]

How many in Maine have left the office behind? Have you?


A new group launching in Portland this week hopes to get better information about the group of people who, generally, don’t work out of the same building as their boss. Broadly, that means people who can work from pretty much anywhere with an internet connection. Ryan Wallace, director of the Muskie School’s Center for Business and Economic Research, says there’s not good information […]

On jobs, compare your community with the neighbors

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The Maine Department of Labor has published a new look at annual unemployment data, letting users zero in on a specific area of the state and its neighboring communities. Follow the steps in the interactive map below to see annual unemployment rates for specific communities and the surrounding areas.  For reference, the statewide average unemployment rate for 2015 was […]

Where political cash bought a whole lot of nothing Tuesday

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Money did not rule the day for candidates in primary contests Tuesday, particularly for the three-way Democratic primary in Portland’s Senate District 27. That primary had most of my attention looking at campaign spending Tuesday night because my eyes are on the money (I also happen to live in the district). In this post, I’ll also give a look […]

Fewer young Mainers are getting hitched, more living with parents

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It’s neither as glamorous or as disappointing as it sounds: nationwide, people ages 18-34 were more likely to be living with parents in 2014 than any time before. A Pew Research study documented those trends nationally earlier this week, finding that the living situations of younger Americans has shifted quite a bit over the last century, due to a few changes. […]

Like synthpop and Magic Johnson, Acadia really hit its stride in the 80s

An interloper seagull swims through Duck Harbor, on Isle au Haut.

Acadia and the National Park Service both turn 100 this year, providing a time to reflect on what the chronicler of American life Ken Burns dubbed “America’s Best Idea.” While a hearty “best idea” or “worst idea” debate goes on today in Millinocket and East Millinocket (follow Nick Sambides for coverage), the anniversary gives occasion for exploring visitor […]

Report: Maine among least affordable states for renters

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A report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition has put Maine among the states where it’s hardest to afford housing and rated the Bangor and Portland areas as equally difficult to make rent on a two-bedroom apartment. The report compared federal estimates of fair-market rent for a two-bedroom apartment with wage data from states and metro areas, measuring where the gap is the […]

Maine unemployment is down from 2007. Underemployment is not

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Explaining what variations in the unemployment rate mean is tough. The standard measure doesn’t really capture the elements of the first question you’d likely ask a friend: “How’s work?” Alternative measures of the jobless rate by state are available and get a little closer at answering the question of “how’s work?” for entire states, but there’s still plenty of details […]