Cruz, Sanders, Clinton upped Maine cash haul in March

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Underdog presidential candidates continued to hold favor with Maine’s largest individual campaign donors through March, as libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign put its first point on the scoreboard here. On the Republican side, Maine caucus winner and Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz continued to report the most vigorous fundraising operation in the state. Democratic donors continued to favor Vermont U.S. Sen. […]

Snowfall counter: Deeper than a tulip is tall

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By Monday afternoon, Grand Lake Stream ended up with the state’s top snowfall reading, by a particularly precise preliminary reading. The Washington County plantation posted snowfall of 10.1 inches by about 4 p.m., as many areas around the state recorded about 8-10 inches during the storm that passed through the state on the second day of spring. The bulk of the storm hit coastal communities, […]

Madison Paper buckled under big spike in Canadian imports

Madison Paper Industries

In announcing the closure of Madison Paper Industries, observers pointed to a one-two punch of declining domestic demand and rising imports, alongside high winter energy costs. Federal import figures give a picture of just what the mill was up against in recent years. From July-December, imports of supercalendered paper from Canada were up 90 percent by volume and […]

An ‘economic crisis’ in Maine’s paper industry, mapped

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Madison Paper Industries announced it will shut its doors in May. And then there will be eight. The latest paper mill shutdown announcement will make for five major closures in the past three years, after East Millinocket, Lincoln, Old Town and Bucksport. The accounting has varied in the wake of the Madison closure, but without it the operating mills include those […]

Sanders sweeps Maine counties; Cruz takes all but two

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won majorities from Democratic caucus voters in every county around Maine Sunday, one day after Republican caucus voters in all but two counties preferred Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to billionaire Donald Trump. Here’s a look at the numbers, county-by-county. The Republican race The race still has four leading contenders who have all said they’d support Trump as the […]

In presidential politics, these are Maine’s most partisan towns

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The presidential money race in Maine gives some of the only hard numbers about how the March 5 and 6 caucuses will shake out, but they leave much to the imagination. While conclusions are elusive about specific candidates, contributions through Jan. 31 do show the presidential partisan leanings of many cities and towns statewide. Those dynamics are […]

Mainers in these towns spent $118K on presidential dropouts

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By the end of 2015, Mainers gave at least $118,000 to presidential hopefuls who have called it quits, with a full half of that going to Carly Fiorina. Fiorina was second in Maine fundraising only to Jeb Bush in the Republican field, but the former HP executive dropped out of the race Wednesday after poor showings in the New […]