If you want to make money on state construction projects, install elevators

As the governor on Monday announced about $470 million in capital projects, the Department of Labor on Tuesday issued its wage requirements for certain jobs.

The prevailing wage figures from the DOL are assessed for each individual state contract worth more than $50,000.

They vary by the location of the project, but the statewide averages reflected below give a sense of how much certain professions will make in comparison with others on various state contracts worth more than $50,000.

As you can see in the non-residential category, it’s another good year to be an elevator installer.

To peruse the county-level figures by individual professions, visit the Department of Labor’s prevailing wage data interactive charts, which helped in the creation of the tabulation above.

And you can also take a look at a time series of minimum wages across specific professions. Some professions just have one data point for certain categories of construction. But, as you can see, it’s been nothing but upside for elevator installers — the highest hourly pay of all categories — since 2009.

Darren Fishell

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