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Where high-speed broadband is offered in your town

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Data is a big part of the challenge in assessing Maine’s broadband needs. But a federal grant funded a data set handed to state officials last fall, giving a street-by-street look at broadband speeds in Maine. The data, reflecting speeds as of September 2014, shows advertised broadband speeds. And you can search for your town in the view below (perhaps humorously: […]

Looking for a job in Maine? State survey gives clues on where to find work

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In a survey of about 2,400 Maine businesses, the Maine Department of Labor confirmed long-range projections of growing industries, finding the bulk of job vacancies in the state were in health care and social work. In a blog post Friday, the DOL’s Center for Workforce Research and Information rolled out the first look at results from its September […]

Will Maine ever again party like it’s 1989?

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Have you heard Chris Soper’s song about the Bucksport mill closing? Give it a listen. It’s about Verso’s decision to close its mill, but tugs at a larger national issue. The Washington Post last week started a series on America’s middle class starting with a piece titled, “Why America’s middle class is lost.” It opens with a focus on […]

What Maine’s labor force has more than any other state


So, if you clicked on this post, you just want to know one thing. The answer is loggers and people in logging-related professions. That is, logging equipment operators make up about 11 times the share of total employment in Maine as they do nationally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Vox and Business Insider, which specialize in these “what’s the […]

Bangor and The County lead growth in personal income in 2013, but…

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The Bangor metropolitan area and Aroostook County led the state for growth in personal income per person from 2012 to 2013, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people have more money in their pockets than one year prior. The 2013 figures for all counties and metropolitan areas in the country shows the the total personal earnings (and transfer payments […]