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The Queen City is a relatively cheap date

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So, you’re stuck with the classic problem of where to spend your $100 and your choices are Bangor, Lewiston, Portland or any of the untamed non-metropolitan areas in between. Naturally, you’d consult the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. And here’s what the bureau would say: Go to Lewiston. Bangor’s not far behind. And the Portland area will […]

Maine’s real estate, health care industries grow the most; administrative services grows the fastest

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Maine’s real estate and health care are making up an increasing share of the state’s economy, according to preliminary statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. It’s no surprise — given demographic trends — that Maine’s economic growth has lagged the nation’s. The latest batch of data, however, gives more detail on the shifting internal makeup of the state’s […]

339 degrees of separation: Which state university, college degree-holders earn the most one year out?

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The Maine Department of Labor on Monday released a new data set showing the average wage for graduates earn their first year out, by degree type and school. In short: If you want to know who’s raking it in after just one year, read on. There are some caveats. I’ll get to those first. A liberal arts school graduate myself, it’s worth […]

Unofficial take: Consumer spending held up in Maine through recession

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How did Maine fare through the recession and recovery? Well, we don’t know for sure and it’s more complicated than one number, but preliminary data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis bolsters a storyline that Maine wasn’t one of the Great Recession’s swing states. That is, the lows weren’t as low and the swing back […]

Who’s Maine’s richest person? Only #48 in a list of each state’s wealthiest

Wealthiest person by state map from Movato.

Leon Gorman, grandson of L.L.Bean founder Leon Leonwood Bean, former chairman of the company’s board and its past CEO for 33 years, was singled out as Maine’s richest person in a tally by the real estate blog Movoto. Like all viral state-by-state surveys, this one that hit the wire late Thursday has been buzzing about with observers sharing a wide […]

Where wages were highest in Maine and the nation (hint: not Maine) in 2013

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The most detailed survey on wages and employment issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average wage in Maine rose about 2 percent from 2012 to 2013. The national average weekly wage rose about 1 percent for the same period. That’s for private sector employees on a payroll (the data is comes through the unemployment insurance system), or most […]

Maine absent in ‘business climate’ survey that issued it an ‘F’ in 2013, but how much do we care?

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Maine was absent this year from a state-by-state ranking of “business friendliness” to small businesses after dropping its 2012 “D” grade to a seemingly unfair “F” in 2013 (Last year, Maine scored well in categories that authors of the annual and Kauffman Foundation survey said matter most for small business owners. It was the only state to get an overall score of F in […]

Maine No. 3 for maple syrup production in 2014 but No. 2 for yield

Maine produced 1,000 fewer gallons of maple syrup than New York during this year’s season, making it third in the nation for overall production. But Maine taps churned out the sweet stuff nearly at the rate of reigning maple champ Vermont, which again led U.S. syrup production. The latest figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show […]