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Who’s Maine’s richest person? Only #48 in a list of each state’s wealthiest

Wealthiest person by state map from Movato.

Leon Gorman, grandson of L.L.Bean founder Leon Leonwood Bean, former chairman of the company’s board and its past CEO for 33 years, was singled out as Maine’s richest person in a tally by the real estate blog Movoto. Like all viral state-by-state surveys, this one that hit the wire late Thursday has been buzzing about with observers sharing a wide […]

Whereas Maine and New Brunswick have signed an agreement to promote their mutual interests

The text of the three-page agreement signed in Woodstock, New Brunswick, by Gov. Paul LePage and New Brunswick Premier David Alward came my way this morning, laying out in more detail the terms of the pact that the state’s top international trade official said “is a starting point in terms of negotiations and prioritizing for the future.” Here’s what […]

Canadian dollar holds steady against greenback through June jobs report

The Canadian dollar, the loonie, has remained relatively steady against the U.S. dollar despite projections of a decline in value after release of a jobs report last week. On Memorial Day, photographer Troy Bennett and I headed to Old Orchard Beach to speak with retailers and hoteliers about the exchange rate with Canada — which is lower, at around $0.91, than recent years […]