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Auburn’s Jim Wellehan, owner of Lamey-Wellehan, featured in Obama’s video campaign to raise the minimum wage

Lamey-Wellehan video

Auburn shoe store owner Jim Wellehan may be retiring and selling his company to its employees this year, but he’s not stepping down from the spotlight. Wellehan, the second generation of family leadership for the business founded in 1914, got recent social media mentions from President Barack Obama for his participation in a video campaign about raising the federal minimum wage. […]

Maine absent in ‘business climate’ survey that issued it an ‘F’ in 2013, but how much do we care?

From Karyn Christner, Flickr

Maine was absent this year from a state-by-state ranking of “business friendliness” to small businesses after dropping its 2012 “D” grade to a seemingly unfair “F” in 2013 (Last year, Maine scored well in categories that authors of the annual and Kauffman Foundation survey said matter most for small business owners. It was the only state to get an overall score of F in […]

Everybody has something to say about offshore wind development

Offshore wind energy word map

The National Wildlife Federation has updated a 2010 assessment of offshore wind development along the East Coast in a report that calls for states bordering the Atlantic Ocean to set ambitious offshore wind power goals, invest in research and establish a competitive market for that power. Before I run through all the details, let me try and […]

Not so fast: Recession complicates effort to measure Maine and nation’s economic recovery

Employment-population ratio

The pace of Maine’s economic recovery heard an encouraging word this week from Binyamin Appelbaum, of The New York Times, but his look at the nation’s job recovery comes against a backdrop of debate among economists about the standards by which post-recession progress should be measured. It also comes against the backdrop of election season, which has political campaigns curating their […]