Look out Emma, Charlotte and Harper made big gains in Maine baby names

The ever-dominant Emma remained Maine’s most popular baby name in 2016, but other favorites for baby girls are quickly gaining favor. The names Charlotte and Harper have surged in popularity, according to tallies released by the U.S. Social Security Administration Thursday. There’s less movement among male baby names, where Liam and Owen were the top picks. More notable on the boy’s […]

Why Maine’s fight over solar power billing isn’t going away, in charts

Maine, with about 29 times the land mass of Rhode Island, had only 1.4 times the Ocean State’s power generated from small-scale solar energy installations last year. The potential to boost solar power in Maine, and its recent rapid growth, illustrate why the fight over how to pay small solar generators won’t go away any time soon. At its heart, the debate is about fairness […]