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Maine unemployment is down from 2007. Underemployment is not

Explaining what variations in the unemployment rate mean is tough. The standard measure doesn’t really capture the elements of the first question you’d likely ask a friend: “How’s work?” Alternative measures of the jobless rate by state are available and get a little closer at answering the question of “how’s work?” for entire states, but there’s still plenty of details […]

What Maine’s labor force has more than any other state

So, if you clicked on this post, you just want to know one thing. The answer is loggers and people in logging-related professions. That is, logging equipment operators make up about 11 times the share of total employment in Maine as they do nationally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Vox and Business Insider, which specialize in these “what’s the […]

Where wages were highest in Maine and the nation (hint: not Maine) in 2013

The most detailed survey on wages and employment issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average wage in Maine rose about 2 percent from 2012 to 2013. The national average weekly wage rose about 1 percent for the same period. That’s for private sector employees on a payroll (the data is comes through the unemployment insurance system), or most […]