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Data: A few Maine towns have gotten some Sasquatch-sized snowfall

This winter, the snow has come fast and deep through the Northeast. While it’s obvious that in Maine, in winter, it’s going to snow, it doesn’t make digging out your car or plowing the dooryard any more fun. And in a few towns, that has meant getting through a mound of snow piling up about as tall as your average Sasquatch […]

If you want to make money on state construction projects, install elevators

As the governor on Monday announced about $470 million in capital projects, the Department of Labor on Tuesday issued its wage requirements for certain jobs. The prevailing wage figures from the DOL are assessed for each individual state contract worth more than $50,000. They vary by the location of the project, but the statewide averages reflected below give a sense of how […]

What Maine’s labor force has more than any other state

So, if you clicked on this post, you just want to know one thing. The answer is loggers and people in logging-related professions. That is, logging equipment operators make up about 11 times the share of total employment in Maine as they do nationally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Vox and Business Insider, which specialize in these “what’s the […]

Maine mortgage closing costs rise slower than national trend

Closing on a mortgage has gotten more expensive in the past year, but closing costs in Maine are rising slower than the national average. Experts interviewed by financial data aggregator Bankrate said the increases in recent years mostly are due to new mortgage regulations. Bankrate’s latest survey shows mortgage closing fees rose about 3.7 percent in Maine from […]

Whereas Maine and New Brunswick have signed an agreement to promote their mutual interests

The text of the three-page agreement signed in Woodstock, New Brunswick, by Gov. Paul LePage and New Brunswick Premier David Alward came my way this morning, laying out in more detail the terms of the pact that the state’s top international trade official said “is a starting point in terms of negotiations and prioritizing for the future.” Here’s what […]

Maine No. 3 for maple syrup production in 2014 but No. 2 for yield

Maine produced 1,000 fewer gallons of maple syrup than New York during this year’s season, making it third in the nation for overall production. But Maine taps churned out the sweet stuff nearly at the rate of reigning maple champ Vermont, which again led U.S. syrup production. The latest figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show […]

Interactive: Maine faces $500M losses in mild flood; maps show risk by neighborhood

A new website from the science journalism nonprofit Climate Central estimates Maine faces more than $500 million in property damage in a mild — two-foot — flood, based on a variety of data sources and satellite mapping. A four-foot flood — with a 36% chance of happening between now and 2030 — would do around […]

Maine single-family home sales buck national decline, up 10 percent in first quarter

The number of single-family home sales in Maine rose more than 10 percent in the first quarter of 2014 compared with the same period last year, capped by strong growth in March, when sales dropped in the Northeast and across the country. Maine Listings, a service run by the Maine Association of Realtors, reported 892 single-family homes […]