[UPDATED] Showing you the money: Where gov race candidates got their cash in Maine and beyond

Want to know where Maine’s 2014 gubernatorial candidates filled up their campaign coffers? The data visualizations to follow will give a look at where in the state and elsewhere in the country candidates are raising the most, following on the latest campaign finance filings submitted before a deadline Tuesday night.

Since most of the direct contributions to candidates are, naturally, from Maine, let’s start here.

You’ll notice in the default view below that the Greater Portland area has dominated overall contributions. Using the year slider, you can see that Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth also topped out towns contributing to gubernatorial campaigns for the latest reporting period, since the start of 2014.

Using the dropdown menu above to filter by candidate, you can get a look at where (by zip code) Republican incumbent Paul LePage, Democrat Mike Michaud and Independent Eliot Cutler raised their money. If you really want a comparison of top towns and cities, check out this view:

Generally, you can see that Michaud and Cutler have similar geographic patterns in their fundraising. Both have raised far more money than LePage in the Greater Portland area, which comes as perhaps no large surprise. Both Cutler and Michaud are also leading the total dollar race, which should be considered in these comparisons as well.

Updated, May 1: A few folks have raised issue with the layout of the numbers above in Portland, noting Cutler’s personal support of his campaign. Rather than explain all of that, here’s a look at the contribution numbers broken out by type of donor:

Here’s a look at overall contributions, broken out by campaign contributions the candidates’ received from in-state donors and out-of-state donors (a segue to the fourth visualization, I should mention):

As for that segue, here’s a look at out-of-state contributions by candidate. In the latest reporting period, Michaud overtook Cutler for out-of-state fundraising. In 2013, Cutler had raised around $22,500 more out of state than Michaud. From January to April, Michaud’s fundraising surged ahead nearly $100,000 more than Cutler, primarily with cash coming in from Washington, D.C. and Massachusetts. Same drill as the first view here — you can sort by candidate and narrow down to specific years. The “all” range goes back to 2011, when LePage was taking in early contributions for his re-election bid:

I hope the visualizations here provide some discovery and insights. Please share any thoughts or discoveries below. I’d also be interested to hear your ideas on what could be added or modified in the visualizations to improve them.

I’ll continue to update this and similar charts throughout the campaign season. And if anyone’s interested in hearing about or talking about how jumbled the campaign finance reports are (and how cool OpenRefine is), I’m there.

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