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One thing’s for sure, Trump’s not in Maine for the money

As Donald Trump prepares to rally supporters in Bangor, it’s clear from his campaign finance reports that the visit isn’t for the money. From the start of his campaign through the end of May, Trump has raised a paltry $7,356 in itemized donations in Maine. That’s just from donors giving $200 or more. The tally excludes people who gave $5 and $10 there, but indeed paltry is an […]

Bangor and The County lead growth in personal income in 2013, but…

The Bangor metropolitan area and Aroostook County led the state for growth in personal income per person from 2012 to 2013, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people have more money in their pockets than one year prior. The 2013 figures for all counties and metropolitan areas in the country shows the the total personal earnings (and transfer payments […]