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In presidential politics, these are Maine’s most partisan towns

The presidential money race in Maine gives some of the only hard numbers about how the March 5 and 6 caucuses will shake out, but they leave much to the imagination. While conclusions are elusive about specific candidates, contributions through Jan. 31 do show the presidential partisan leanings of many cities and towns statewide. Those dynamics are […]

Mainers in these towns spent $118K on presidential dropouts

By the end of 2015, Mainers gave at least $118,000 to presidential hopefuls who have called it quits, with a full half of that going to Carly Fiorina. Fiorina was second in Maine fundraising only to Jeb Bush in the Republican field, but the former HP executive dropped out of the race Wednesday after poor showings in the New […]

[UPDATED] Showing you the money: Where gov race candidates got their cash in Maine and beyond

Want to know where Maine’s 2014 gubernatorial candidates filled up their campaign coffers? The data visualizations to follow will give a look at where in the state and elsewhere in the country candidates are raising the most, following on the latest campaign finance filings submitted before a deadline Tuesday night. Since most of the direct contributions to candidates […]